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Working with an insurance company to get your house repaired can be frustrating and confusing. Most homeowners deal with very few insurance claims over the course of their homeownership and many customers aren’t aware of their rights. Faulty or incomplete repairs to your home can negatively impact the value of your property. Homeowners think they have to accept whatever settlement their adjustor offers. That’s not true. Having a North Coast Roofing of Ohio home repair specialist at your side throughout the claims process is the best way to ensure all damages identified and fixed.

Here are the 7 simple steps involved in getting a fair settlement:


Step 1:You call your North Coast Roofing Representative at (419) 433-2059 for a home Damage Inspection. We perform a thorough on-site inspection and inform you of our findings.

Step 2:You place a claim with your insurance company with the assistance of an experienced representative from North Coast Roofing.

Step 3:Your North Coast Roofing Representative meets with the Insurance adjuster to make sure you get credit for ALL storm damage. Often, areas such as fencing, windows, gutters, patio furniture, and siding are overlooked by the adjuster. We make sure all of these items are addressed.

Step 4:Your Insurance Company sends out a Loss Summary Report (insurance estimate) detailing the Scope of Damage they are willing to pay for.

Step 5:Your North Coast Roofing Representative reviews the Loss Summary Report (insurance estimate) to ensure the agreed Scope of Damage is complete and accurate. If everything is correct, we review materials and color choices with you.

Step 6:North Coast Roofing schedules all work and completes your home repair in a timely and professional manner.

​Step 7:North Coast Roofing notifies the insurance company when all work is completed so that remaining funds will be released.Let’s get started on your seven steps to a new home today. Call North Coast Roofing at (419) 433-2059.